Easy Sweetheart Parfaits

Easy Sweetheart Parfaits

Valentine’s Day always feels like an afterthought here, I don’t know if it is because I am consumed with all the stuff we need as moms for kiddo school stuff or because we never really were into it. I think a part of it stems from the fact that when we worked in the restaurant industry, it was pure craziness and seeing people have their expectations not be met or the stress of trying to meet those expectations. My husband and I have always been relaxed about it, we might do a dinner that is a little nicer than a random day or we might get dinner at a restaurant the weekend before or after, NEVER the day of.

But now our girls are really into it, in fact my youngest asked what the little Valentine’s guy was going to bring her *face slap* Cupid has now become the pink and red Santa to her. I do want to make it a little special though and that is where these babies make their way in. They are dead simple to make, just use a bunch of stuff from the store and make it pretty. And they are darn tasty, even my chocolate and fruit combo hating hubs enjoyed it. With my little one having a dairy allergy, we made sure each part of this cutie was dairy free but I swear you would never guess. This is along the same lines as my Easy Ice Cream Pie and that is how I like it! I need easy when I have to prep cute Valentines for 34 kids, volunteer for parties, find cute outfits, donate towards lunches, prep a dinner oozing with love, think about my husband, and all the other stuff I have to do on any given week!


Easy Sweetheart Parfaits

  • Chocolate cookies (I used Simple Mills Double Chocolate Crunchy Cookies)

  • Whipped Topping (I used Cocowhip)

  • Mini Chocolate Chips (I used Enjoy Life)

  • Strawberries

- Crush the cookies in your food processor or place in a baggie and crush with a rolling pin. Chop the strawberries into little chunks. And thaw the whipped topping in the fridge for several hours. Spoon the whip into a piping bag or zip-top bag and snip one corner.

- Grab your jar or glass and start layering.

-3 Tablespoons crushed cookies

- Pipe a layer of whipped topping

-2 Tablespoons mini chocolate chips

-3 Tablespoons chopped strawberries

-2 Tablespoons crushed cookies

- Pipe layer of whipped topping

- Sprinkle mini chocolate chips

-Top with a strawberry

- Cover with cling wrap and freeze until you are ready. Thaw on counter 30 minutes before serving!

Crush your cookies, I used a baggie because I honestly hate cleaning my food processor. Grab your mostly thawed whipped topping, pop it into a bag and snip the end to make a cheap-o piping bag. And finally, chop up some strawberries. You are ready to assemble!

I made a couple in champagne flutes and a couple in small mason jars, they take the same amounts of each layer and are just too cute. The strawberry layer is the center attraction and it is perfect. I love the textures you get out of these too. You can prep them ahead and just cover with cling wrap and freeze for a few days even. Set them out when you serve dinner and they will be perfect as your after dinner treat. To be extra, carve a little strawberry slice into a heart for the top.

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